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PBT has obtained documents showing shocking incidence of wide-spread corruption by top leaders of Medical Council of India (MCI) that has forced the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), Mr. H.K. Jethi, to leave MCI as he was “feeling scared” as was subjected to “physical harassment” while investigating complaints of MCI corruption.  In fact, in preparation of Mr. Jethi’s departure from MCI, Health Ministry has already issued a memorandum earlier this month to find a “suitable candidate” for appointment as the new CVO in MCI (see documents below).  The Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Health has also reported this for CBI enquiry and claimed that MCI president, Dr. Jayshreeben Mehta, has treated the CVO with a “vindictive attitude” and is seemingly “functioning in an autocratic manner” for protection of “some vested interests”.

The corrupt activities inside MCI and deliberate harassment of the investigating CVO by MCI leaders clearly underscore a pitiful condition of Indian highest medical regulatory body.  As we have recently reported, several top MCI members including Grievance Committee chairman, Dr. Ajay Kumar, and Ethics Committee member, Dr. Vinay Aggarwal, along with criminally-indicted ex-MCI chief, Dr. Ketan Desai, attended World Medical Association (WMA) meeting in South Africa in demand of Dr. Desai’s reinstatement as future WMA president.  Unfortunately, PBT’s previous complaints against corrupt MCI members to the health ministry have yielded no response.  PBT has filed an urgent appeal to the Hon’ble Prime Minister today requesting his imminent intervention for immediate dissolution of the present MCI In view of the new revelation of blatant corruption inside MCI.

MCI Corruption (CVO Harrasment) Oct, 2014)


Dr. Ketan Desai is presently free on bail waiting for his criminal trial to start facing serious charges from CBI for bribery and corruption as he was caught red-handed in April, 2010 for taking bribe from a private medical college while sitting as MCI president.  Complaint by PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha filed in 2010 for unethical behavior against Dr. Desai is still pending before MCI for final decision even though MCI has already suspended Dr. Desai’s medical license indefinitely pending full investigation.  Dr. Desai also managed to put all his long-time cronies in top positions in the newly formed MCI through a rigged election held in December, 2014.  A new PIL has just been registered by PBT in this regard in Supreme Court.

Shockingly, with pending criminal case and suspended medical license, Dr. Desai attended the World Medical Association (WMA) General Body meeting held last week (Oct. 8-11, 2014) at Durban, South Africa.  Even more shockingly, while complaint against Dr. Desai is still pending before the MCI Ethics Committee for final decision, several sitting MCI Ethics Committee members including Dr. Ajay Kumar, Dr. Sudipto Roy and Dr. Vinay Aggarwal also accompanied Dr. Desai to the WMA meeting in South Africa.  Top national IMA leaders including their president Dr. Jitendra Patel and secretary Dr. Narendra Saini also accompanied Dr. Desai to South Africa (see picture below).  PBT has written to our health minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, about this despicable incidence.  Health department must investigate how sitting MCI Ethics Committee members are allowed to publicly accompany a tainted doctor like Dr. Desai who is facing serious charges for unethical conduct along with other pending criminal cases?  Can these MCI members (Dr. Kumar, Dr. Roy and Dr. Aggarwal) ever do justice and take appropriate disciplinary against Dr. Desai while they travel to exotic foreign countries together?  How Dr. Desai was permitted to leave India while waiting for criminal trial against him to begin?  Who paid for their travel, hotel etc. to South Africa?  Our health minister must not only give boisterous lectures against pervasive corruption in MCI and Indian healthcare system, he must act now when blatant acts by sitting members of MCI are brought to him.  We have already written to the health minister seeking his immediate intervention in this matter.

Ketan Desai & MCI members in WMA (Oct 8-11, 2014)

Ketan Desai and MCI-IMA Members at WMA (Oct. 2014)



The BJP government was swept to power with a massive win earlier this year primarily on the “anti-corruption” platform.  For ordinary citizens, nothing is more damaging than corruption in healthcare because life and death literally depend on an honest and efficient healthcare delivery system.  People were also very hopful when the BJP government chose a medical doctor, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, as the new Health Minister for overhauling the crumbling medical education and healthcare system after years of ruling by an inept UPA government.  But almost six months have passed since the new government came to power and there is absolutely no sign that the corrupt medical education and healthcare delivery system are likely to change as except some boisterous speeches by the newly elected BJP leaders, we see no evidence that Dr. Vardhan and his ministry are ready to walk the walk for solving the healthcare crisis.

Earlier this week (Sept. 29), Union Health Minister, Dr. Vardhan, called the press and candidly declared that he wants to bring an end to the inefficiencies and corruption in MCI which is the highest authority to regulate medical education and practice of medicine in India.  Ironically, in an interview reported on 7th June, 2014 in Indian Express, Dr. Vardhan also categorically stated that MCI has been a “big source of corruption” and that a clean-up operation for MCI is “on the cards”.  Over the past 5-6 months, PBT has also lodged several complaints with the health department for corruption against several top leaders of the present MCI including Dr. Ajay Kumar (chairman of MCI Grievance Committee), Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra (chairman of MCI Academic Council) and Dr. C.V. Bhirmanandam (MCI Vice-president), all of whom are known to be closely associated with disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai.  But PBT is still waiting to receive any response from the Health Minister or anybody in the health department about their serious allegations of corruption against top MCI members.

PBT and millions of hapless Indian patients are happy because Dr. Vardhan has vouched once again that he will tackle corruption in MCI soon.  But country’s medical education system is still being run by corrupt MCI leaders.  Dr. Ketan Desai just got himself elected as World Medical Association (WMA) president for 2016 using fraudulent documents and candid support from his cronies at MCI.  But what our Health Minister is waiting for to cleanse MCI?  It’s time that Dr. Vardhan and new BJP government walk the walk and not simply talk the talk like most political parties in India.

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Another major hurdle against equitable justice for victims of “medical negligence” was crushed this week as a division bench of the Apex Court dismissed the Review petitions filed by AMRI Hospital and Indian Medical Association (IMA) challenging last year’s highest compensation (Rs. 11.5 crore) awarded against AMRI Hospital and three senior Kolkata doctors (Sukumar Mukherjee, Baidyanath Halder and Balaram Prasad) for causing death of Anuradha Saha from gross medical negligence.  This means that all the principles framed by the Supreme Court in Anuradha’s judgment for calculation of adequate quantum of compensation against negligent doctors and hospitals must be followed by all consumer courts in cases involving medical negligence.

After Anuradha Saha judgment was delivered on October 24, 2013 by the Apex Court, IMA and other medical groups across India erupted in vociferous protest demanding a “cap” (limit) in the compensation against doctors/hospitals.  Although IMA was never a party in Anuradha Saha death case, they also moved an application challenging the principles laid down in the said judgment.  While SC outright rejected IMA’s demand to allow them to move a Review petition, Apex Court also dismissed AMRI Hospital’s Review petition stating that there was “no error” in Anuradha’s judgment.  Thus, principles laid down in Anuradha’s judgment will now be binding on all courts across India for determination of adequate compensation against doctors/hospitals in future cases of “medical negligence”.


In yet another shocking development, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) simultaneously raided MCI office and homes of several top MCI officials including Additional Secretary, Dr. Prasanna Raj and Deputy Secretary, Dr. Anshu Sethi as well as the residence of principal of Somervell Medical College in Kerala.  The CBI raided these compounds and residences based on allegation that the medical college in Kerala sought to have their post-graduate seats approved by MCI and their application was granted even though it was filed after the expiration of the deadline.

The new MCI President, Vice-president and members of the important Executive and Post-graduate Committees came to power last December through an alleged rigged election.  The top leaders of the present MCI are known to be close to disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai.  PBT has already filed a PIL in the Supreme Court challenging the rigged MCI election seeking CBI investigation.  This PIL is now pending before the Apex Court.  Today’s CBI raid of top MCI officials for alleged bribery and corruption underscores PBT’s contention that MCI is still riddled with corruption and run under influence of Dr. Desai who is free on bail waiting for his criminal trial to start.


In another mind-boggling twist to the ongoing saga involving corrupt ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai and his dubious selection as World Medical Association (WMA) president for 2016, in an interview given to Times of India today, Dr. K.K. Aggarwal, Sr. Vice-president of Indian Medical Association (IMA) and also a member of Medical Council of India (MCI) has stepped forward to bat for Dr. Desai’s selection by WMA and claimed that there is no reason as to why Dr. Desai could become WMA president because order for indefinite suspension of his medical license by previous MCI was revoked by the new MCI after they came to power in December, 2013 (see TOI news below).  Dr. Desai’s license was indefinitely suspended by MCI in October, 2010 after PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, lodged a complaint following his arrest by CBI for taking bribe from a private medical college.

After Desai managed to put most of his long-time cronies in top positions in the MCI through a botched election last December (against which PBT has already lodged a new PIL in Supreme Court), Dr. Saha was apprehensive and wrote to the new MCI president (Dr. Jayshreeben Mehta, a doctor from Gujrat and close associate of Dr. Desai) on numerous occasions to learn about the status of his complaint against Dr. Desai but MCI or Dr. Mehta remained absolutely silent.  Dr. Saha only came to today from the news report that his complaint against Dr. Desai was dismissed long ago as Dr. Aggarwal has claimed.  This unbelievable and blatantly unlawful act by the new MCI shows the glaring corruption which is still riddled through the newly formed MCI.  Dr. Saha has already demanded an explanation from MCI and IMA leaders by a “legal notice” through his attorney and will bring this shocking matter before the court of law unless MCI and IMA come clean with acceptable explanation.

TOI (Sept 21, 2014) Desai prez of WMA


In another unbelievable twist to disgraced ex-MCI president Dr. Ketan Desai saga, PBT has come to learn that medical cronies of Desai were able to hoodwink World Medical Association (WMA) to select him as WMA president for 2016.  Dr. Ketan Desai, who became MCI president in 2009, was caught red-handed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for taking bribe from a private medical college in April, 2010.  Dr. Desai had also managed to get himself nominated as WMA president-elect in 2009 through corruption and evil influence.  But following Dr. Desai’s arrest in 2010 and subsequent cancellation of his medical registration by MCI (in response to our complaint), WMA was eventually compelled to suspend Dr. Desai from the prestigious post of president-elect.

PBT came to learn last year from the 59th issue of WMA Journal that one Dr. Ajay Kumar appeared before WMA Assembly and submitted an application on behalf of IMA demanding that Dr. Desai should be reinstated to his post as WMA president-elect because all charges against Dr. Desai had already been dropped by the Indian authority (CBI). But the claim made before WMA by Dr. Ajay Kumar and IMA was nothing but a blatant lie as Dr. Desai is still free on bail facing serious criminal charges for bribery and corruption as confirmed by CBI.  Even more shockingly, we have now come to learn from the 60th issue of WMA Journal that has just been posted at WMA website (WWW.WMA.NET) that WMA has decided that since Dr. Desai has been exonerated from all charges by the Indian authority, as claimed by IMA and Dr. Ajay Kumar, he would be inaugurated as WMA president in 2016.

It is a sheer ignominy for the Indian medical fraternity and shame for the entire nation that a tainted physician like Dr. Desai who is still facing criminal trial for alleged bribery and corruption and whose medical license remains suspended could be selected as the president of the world medical body (WMA) solely through blatant lies by some of his medical cronies who are also holding important posts in IMA and MCI (Dr. Ajay Kumar is a member of present MCI and chairman of MCI “Grievance Committee”).  This is a grave travesty in the making which is likely to have major negative impact on Indian healthcare, international reputation and public trust on doctors.  PBT has lodged an appeal to the new health minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, to take immediate remedial measures to prevent Dr. Desai from becoming WMA president in 2016 and also to take necessary steps to prosecute Dr. Ajay Kumar and other IMA leaders who orchestrated this malevolent plan only to shield Dr. Desai from equitable justice (see PBT’s appeal below).

Letter to Health Minister (Sept 18, 2014)


Since first publication of the news of PBT’s new writ petition (PIL) filed in Supreme Court with serious allegation of rigged MCI election on 10th December, 2013 seeking CBI investigation, in an interview given yesterday to The Telegraph, MCI Vice-president, Dr. C.V. Bhirmananandam, has virtually admitted that at a dinner party on 9th December, 2013 hosted by disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai, at IMA House in Delhi, a printed list containing names of candidates who would be president, vice-president and Executive/Post-graduate Committee members in MCI election next day, i.e. 10th December, 2013.  And everybody in that list actually won MCI election next day “unopposed”.  This deplorable incidence is one of the major points that has been raised by PBT in their writ petition (The Telegraph report is shown below).

While the new MCI vice-president did not deny the issue of printed “list” circulated at Dr. Desai’s dinner party prior to the MCI election on 10th December, 2013, he found nothing wrong with this since everybody got elected “unopposed”.   Other direct and indirect evidence of corruption were also provided in the PIL including deliberate and absolute silence of MCI to take action on serious complaints against several top MCI members.  Ironically, a complaint was also lodged against Dr. Bhirmananandam seeking his removal from MCI because of his past tainted background as he was found by Tamil Nadu government issuing a false medical certificate to a high-power political leader who was in jail on charges of corruption to help him stay in the comfort of a hospital.  While PBT lodged this complaint with the health ministry and MCI against Dr. Bhirmananandam more than six months ago, nobody has shown any interest to investigate this serious allegation.

Telegraph (Sept. 14, 2014)

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PBT has filed a writ petition (PIL) in Supreme Court seeking CBI investigation of the election held on 10th December, 2013 that elected the present MCI president/vice-president and members of important Executive/Post-graduate Committees.  PBT has also sought immediate removal of the MCI president/vice-president and members of Executive/Post-graduate Committees to be replaced by a neutral Committee/Board for transparent and efficient MCI function.

The PIL has provided strong supporting evidence showing that all members who are now holding top posts of MCI including president, vice-president and members of the Executive/Post-graduate Committees were elected “unopposed” through a rigged election held on 10th December, 2010 under the influence of disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai, who is still facing criminal trial after CBI caught him red-handed for taking bribe from a private medical college while he was still president of MCI in 2010.  The PIL also includes documents showing that a dinner party was hosted by Dr. Desai and his cronies at the IMA House in New Delhi on 9th December, the night before MCI election was held, in which a printed list was circulated containing names who would be elected next MCI president/vice-president and Executive/Post-graduate members.  The list also contained names of the persons who would nominate (“proposers”) and those who would support the nomination (“seconders”).  And on 10th December, 2013, in the election held at MCI office, everybody was elected, proposed and seconded exactly as it appeared in the list circulated Dr. Desai’s dinner party the night before.

The PIL has alleged that Dr. Desai and his medial cronies have made the MCI election a sham exercise as many newly elected and nominated members remained silent under the external pressure and intimidation.   The PIL has further alleged that over the past 9 months since the new MCI came to power through the botched election, both health ministry and MCI have refused to act on numerous serious complaints that have been lodged against many of the members who are close to Dr. Desai and were put in top position inside MCI.  The PIL also alleges that Dr. Desai is still pulling all the strings for MCI from behind the curtain and that corruption is still pervasive in the the newly formed MCI.  However, PIL has put most blames on the last health ministry under UPA government headed by previous health minister, Mr. Gulam Nabi Azad, for rushing the election and not taking any action against Dr. Desai and his cronies.  It is expected that this important PIL will come up for hearing before the Apex Court within the next few weeks.


Exposing the ugly face of corruption inside Mamata Banerjee’s government which is already reeling under the huge Saradha Chit Fund scam investigation by CBI, Justice Mr. Tapabrata Chakraborty of Calcutta High Court heard a long argument today for alleged manipulation by Banerjee government for selection of candidates for the prestigious Bangabhibushan award, highest accolade given by the state government to an eminent person for his contribution to the society.  This case was filed by PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha after a 5-member committee selected Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee to receive the Bangabhibushan award earlier this year even though Dr. Mukherjee was convicted for “medical negligence” causing death of Dr. Saha’s wife, Anuradha, by Supreme Court of India that also awarded the highest-ever compensation against Dr. Mukherjee (and three other doctors and AMRI Hospital in Kolkata).

Dr. Mukherjee is known to be close to Bengal chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, who also appointed him as the “chief adviser” for the state government in 2011 which has also been challenged by Dr. Saha in a separate case in which the Apex Court has already issued notice against Ms. Banerjee.  Dr. Saha’s attorney, Indranil Roy, argued in the court today that selection of a convicted physician like Dr. Mukherjee was not only done with a vested interest, it is also clear from the affidavit filed by the State that they committed fraud as the meeting to select the awardees were allegedly decided held after the names were already declared.  The HC heard argument by Mr. Roy with intense attention for more than two hours today.  The final argument is this important case will continue on Monday (Sept. 15).


After Supreme Court intervened in the ongoing coal-scam case, it is revealed yesterday that CBI Director, Ranjit Sinha, met with many notorious accused who have been charged with corruption including disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai, who was caught red-handed by CBI in 2010 for taking bribe from a private medical college allegedly in exchange of granting MCI recognition for MBBS course. At present, Dr. Desai is free on bail as his trial is being delayed due to stay on legal grounds.  We wonder what prompted the head of CBI to meet Dr. Desai in private when his own agency is still conducting criminal investigation against Desai for bribery and corruption.  It is common knowledge that Dr. Desai has been the supreme leader of medial mafias who are primarily responsible for ruining medical education and causing deep decay in the standard of medical practice across India.

It may be noted that in 2001, Dr. Desai, then MCI president, was removed by Delhi High Court which dubbed MCI as a “den of corruption” and directed CBI to investigate and prosecute Dr. Desai and his cronies in MCI.  But after a long-drawn botched investigation, CBI gave a clean chit to Dr. Desai which prompted him to return to MCI and elected “unopposed” as the MCI president again in 2009.  But within a year, he was again trapped through a sting operation for taking bribe as the entire MCI was dissolved in 2010.  While Dr. Desai is still roaming free on bail and already managed to put many of his known cronies at top positions in the newly formed MCI, we now know that he is not sitting idle as he repeatedly met with the top boss in CBI seemingly in order to obtain another clean chit from the highest law-enforcing agency in the country.

Ironically, some news media have already claimed that Dr. Desai has been cleared from all corruption charges by CBI in 2012 (see TOI report below).  This information is totally false as in an email dated October 23, 2013 written to PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, the main investigating officer (I.O.) of CBI has categorically admitted that corruption case in Delhi and Lucknow against Dr. Desai are still waiting for the trial to begin (see CBI email below).  We hope that the shocking revelation that Dr. Desai met CBI Director in his residence would prompt the new BJP government and Prime Minister to take immediate and decisive action to assure that equitable justice must be sustained for the most corrupt medical leader and worst enemy of healthcare delivery system in India.

TOI (Sept 5, 2014) Desai meets CBI chief

CBI email on Ketan Desai (Oct, 2013)


In reply to specific information sought by PBT from Medical Council of India (MCI) under RTI Act, 2005, public information officer (PIO) of MCI has submitted that no letters/emails or other correspondence between new MCI president, Dr. Jayshreeben Mehta and Central Health Ministry between December, 2013 (when new MCI was established) and April, 2014 could be provided under the RTI Act because most of these letters/emails were replied by the “concerned section” and MCI president “ordinarily” did not write the response (see copy of MCI response below).  Even if MCI does not “ordinarily” write to the health ministry, what stopped them to provide the letters that she might have written under extraordinary circumstances?  We also wonder why MCI also did not provide a single response written by the “concerned section”.  PBT sought information in order to investigate corruption that has marred selection of disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai’s close associates to all top positions including president, vice-president and members of important Executive and Post-graduated Committees through a botch election on 10th December, 2013.

The MCI also refused to provide a specific letter that PBT had sought which was written by Pondicherry University in regard to an alleged corruption in the MGM College and Research Institute on the ground that the original files are with CBI as they are also investigating this incidence. Does MCI not even have a xerox machine to keep copies of these important documents before sending the original copies to the CBI?  It is noteworthy that the information sought by PBT was created during the UPA government under then health minister, Mr. Gulam Nabi Azad, who is known to have a cozy relationship with Dr. Desai.  We wonder what Dr. Mehta and other leaders of the new MCI are trying to hide from public.  PBT is appealing these bogus and evasive response from MCI-PIO as permitted under RTI Act, 2005.  We hope that the health minister under the new BJP government would take note of this deplorable action by MCI and take appropriate disciplinary measures against the culprits.

MCI-RTI Response (Sept 3, 2014) CBI-President’s letters


Within days after BMJ, top international medical journal, published a thought-provoking debate-article on the role of large compensation against medical negligence in India, most doctors’ groups and individual doctors in India have erupted in severe criticism of the Apex Court’s judgment in Anuradha Saha death case.  BMJ has published one such sharp reaction from one Dr. Neeraj Nagpal, who is also the Convenor of “Medicos Legal Action Group” and ex-IMA president in Chandigarh, as well as the response (Author’s Reply) from PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha rebutting Dr. Nagpal’s criticism of court’s award against medical negligence.  These responses can be viewed at the BMJ website at WWW.THEBMJ.COM and are also posted below.

BMJ (Rapid Responses) Sept 1, 2014


British Medical Journal (BMJ), a top international medical journal, published a highly provocative “head to head” debate article in the wake of the recent large compensation granted by Supreme Court of India in Anuradha Saha wrongful death case with an interesting question: “Are large compensation payouts for negligence good for medicine in India?” (see the article below).  PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, has provided logical arguments as to why under the present pitiful condition of the healthcare delivery system, direct intervention by the court of law through large compensation in medical negligence cases may be the only way to reduce incidence of malpractice and healthcare corruption in India.  On the other side, Dr. Devi Shetty, a cardiac surgeon and treasurer of Association of Healthcare Providers of India (APHI), criticized the large compensation awarded by the Apex Court in Anuradha death case as he has painted a doomsday scenario if a limit or “cap” on the amount of compensation is not set in medical negligence cases for the future.  In fact, Dr. Shetty has suggested that courts of law should not even judge negligence cases against doctors.  Instead, Dr. Shetty has proposed that Ministry of Health should convene a medical “Committee” to decide malpractice cases against doctors.

We would like to inform Dr. Shetty and his medical groups who are defending negligent doctors/hospitals that a similar “Committee” organized by central health ministry already exists in India for decades which is known as Medical Council of India (MCI).  Unfortunately, it is a common knowledge today that MCI is nothing but a “den of corruption” that only works to shield negligent doctors and that is looting crores of rupees through bribery from private medical colleges by sacrificing the standard of medical education in India.  But perhaps most surprisingly, in order to defend negligent medicos, Dr. Shetty has attempted to promote a grossly misleading and/or erroneous notion that a “cap” or limit on compensation also exists in “medical negligence” cases in USA.  As PBT president has explained in his article, there is no “cap” or limit on compensation for direct loss of income (“pecuniary damages”) for death of a patient anywhere in USA.  This was also presented by PBT president before the Hon’ble Supreme Court where he appeared “in person” to argue his wife’s (Anuradha Saha) death case and Apex Court has quoted these large compensations routinely awarded in USA in the historic judgment delivered last October.  We wonder whether Dr. Shetty and other IMA leaders are spreading these baseless rumors on “cap” in USA deliberately or are they simply ignorant about facts?

BMJ (Head to Head) Aug 27, 2014


Under PBT’s relentless pressure to bring transparency in handling of cases against delinquent doctors, WBMC has eventually posted a list of the status of pending complaints against doctors on their website at WWW.WBMC.IN.  The list bears more glaring testimony of the pitiful status inside the medical council in dealing with allegations against doctors.  According to the list posted under the heading, “Penal cases under consideration as on 31st May, 2014”, a total of 376 cases are still pending before the Penal & Ethical (PE) Committee for final decision.  Following are some of the most glaringly aspects emerging from this list:

1) 12-year old complaints still languishing for final decision:  Many cases against doctors that are 10-12 years old are still pending for final verdict, sometime even after issuance of charge-sheet.  For example, a case against Dr. Sajal Sarkar (case no. 62-C/2002, Item no. 1) is still waiting for “hearing by the Council” even though Dr. Sarkar was charge-sheeted in this matter suggesting prima facie negligence.  Other cases are also pending since 2003, 2004 etc.  The Section 8.4 of MCI “Code of Ethics Regulations” has mandated that complaints against doctors must be decided “within a time-limit of 6 months”.

2)  Charge-sheet not delivered for months:  A case of 2010 where “charge-sheet to be issued” against the accused doctor has been delayed for months even to issue the charge-sheer – obviously enabling the charged doctor to roan scot-free (Serial no. 68)

3)  Complaints are selectively chosen as target:  While older cases (e.g. filed in 2013) are shown as “Yet to be marked to PE Committee”, cases filed later in 2014 have been “Under consideration of PE Committee” clearly suggesting that the WBMC is targeting some doctors, perhaps due to their political affiliation.

4)  Complaints against doctors are not increasing:  the list also establishes that it is a myth, as frequently claimed by the IMA leaders, that more people are filing complaints against doctors.  As shown in the list, it appears that while only about 46 complaints have been pending in 2014, the number of pending complaints in 2013 was about 157, 154 in 2012, 156 in 2011 and so on.  Therefore, there is no reason to imagine that people have become more vindictive and filing more complaints against doctors.

One important aspect of this list that has emerged is the names of all doctors in West Bengal who have been charged with “medical negligence”.  The complete list as it is shown at WBMC website is attached below.

WBMC Complaint List (May, 2014)


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